Petition to shut down “America’s Most Scariest Haunted House in America”

McKamey Manor has been deemed the “Most Scariest Haunted House in America” for its surreal scares and extreme frights to the point you need a 40 page waiver in order to participate. On FOX 8 News the petition claims the house to be a “Torture Chamber in Disquise. The attraction is located in Summertown, Tennessee all the way to Huntsville, Alabama. The attraction has even made its way to Netflix’s “Dark Tourist”. On the McKamey Manor website they tell you the experience your expected to get, like getting in closed quarters while getting water poured on you and the actors getting up close and personal. A McKamey Manor “victim” named Amy Milligan spoke out about her experience at the manor claiming “I’m telling them I can’t breathe and they’re just laughing and doing it more.” She made a video of her experience and one of the scenes is her being pushed to the ground, being pulled by her hair and being slapped while she gets picked up and taken to the McKamey Manor. Rumors have been going around saying the manor hires the actors with kidnapping and serious charges on their records, people have claimed sexual assault, they’ve claimed to have to get psychiatric help and medical care for injuries.