Throwback Music Review: good kid, m.A.A.d city

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

good kid, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar is often argued as one of the best albums of all time. Filled with various smooth bars and hard storytelling from his hard storytelling from Compton. Lots of hard bars and great tunes on this album, and today, I am going to review it. But first, I recommend highly that LISTEN to the album before you hear me out.

Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter is a excellent start to our review. This is a very good storytelling song that you can listen to. He spits hard bars and the skit is very good. The Domino’s is pretty good too. 8/10

***** Don’t Kill My Vibe is a classic. It is one of the most recognized rap songs by Kendrick Lamar. He spits a lot of bars and it has one of the hardest beats and samples EVER. It is one of my favorites ever. 10/10

Backseat Freestyle is also recognized as one of the best songs ever. It has a hard hitting beat that slams anywhere, anytime. The freestyle is pretty good and it’s one of the best songs off the album. 8/10

The Art Of Peer Pressure is THE BEST SONG OFF THIS CLASSIC ALBUM. It has one of the finest beats ever. He talks about what peer pressure has done to us and it is the best storytelling songs ever. Respect to Kendrick for making it. 10/10

Money Trees is another absolute great banger off this classic. The beat is the hardest on the album, and he spits great bars during the song and its storytelling standards. 9/10

Poetic Justice is always going to be recognized as one of the best songs off this album due to it being such a great song. The beat and the sample are some of the best ever. It really is a great song. 10/10

good kid is a classic. Its really that simple, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that. 10/10

m.A.A.d city is another classic off this album. The beat is really good and it is one of the hardest songs of all time. Kendrick spits hard here, and it’s really the best song off the album. 50/10

Swimming Pools, where to start… I have listened to this song various times and each time I listen to it it just means more to me. It has one of the best samples and beats and talks about the alcohol abuse in the US. It really is one of the best storytelling songs of all time. 11/10

Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst has a very great sample and is widely realized as one of the most depressing songs ever. It really is one of the best songs off all time and it slaps so hard. It is very underrated and it’s sad. The song is also 12 minutes long and it’s just him spitting true bars. 11/10

Real is one of the worst songs off the album, sadly, because it is a good song, it is just surrounded by so many great songs that nobody really paid attention to it. It’s an alright song, but I don’t have a opinion on it really. 6/10

Compton is a really good song that is very underrated. Kendrick Lamar is only saying true facts and it is a banger. It has a huge west coast vibe, which is secluded on a song that ALREADY features Dr. Dre. 9/10

Now there is some other bonus tracks, but I am not going to review those.

Anyways, this album is easily THE GREATEST ALBUM IN RAP HISTORY. It really is, and if you do not believe so, you need to listen to every single song throughly and listen to his lyrics. Kendrick doesn’t speak a false bar, and he really does mean everything that he depicts. Kendrick Lamar wasn’t even in his prime with this album, as he was only 25 when he released this classic. Instant classic that is hugely underrated. 10/10