Halloween Origins?

Lily Scott, Writer

   Lily Scott

     October 31, 2019


Have you ever wondered how Halloween began, or how we ever started with the candy tradition? Hopefully

this information will make you think twice about our fun traditions, and thank the people of our past! Halloween 

dates back over 2,000 years ago, in the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. It began as the festival of Samhain,

and was part of the ancient Celtic Religion. The festival’s goal was to scare away any immortal spirits and creatures.

During some of these traditions, people of the village disguised themselves in costumes made of animal skin to spook

“ghostly visitors”. In later years, they began dressing as ghosts and other creepy figures. In Scotland and Ireland,

younger people would have a tradition called guising, as they dressed up in costumes, and sang songs.

They would play tricks essentially, and get rewarded with a treat, and most of the time that treat was either

fruit, or nuts of some sort. Fast forwarding a little to the Great Depression, Halloween pranks and mischief were

at an all-time high. It apparently led to the adoption of community-based trick-or-treating in the 1930’s. It was 

stopped abruptly though. During the outbreak of World War II, sugar rations were at a low, and there were less

sweets for everyone. But don’t worry about it because at the peak of postwar baby boom, trick-or-treating and all

its sugar-coated glory found a place will all the other festive traditions. I’m sure everybody was glad to hear that, 

the candy must’ve been flying! {Candy makes Halloween my 2nd favorite holiday!!}

Today, Americans spend over $2.6 billion on Halloween! Halloween has even become the nation’s second largest

commercial holiday. This time of year has always been such a fun time. Whether it’s carving pumpkins, or picking 

out a costume, or even stuffing your face full of chocolate, there is always something fun to do on this holiday! I’m

just glad I know the history behind it!!


Source: History.com/thehistoryofhalloween