The Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Back from a Hand Injury

Amanda Palazzolo, Writer and Editor

Brees was throwing dinks, dunks, and sidestep passes against the Cardinals pass rush and was spreading the ball around to multiple targets. Until… his hand gave out and was throwing some funky throws. He threw short touchdown passes to Latavius Murray, Taysom Hill, and Michael Thomas; and a couple of wobbly interceptions to Patrick Peterson. 


Brees final numbers were 34-of-43 for 373 yards. With three touchdowns in one pick that gave them the victory of 31-9. His passes were a little crazy at times, but he put up a great fight for a person of forty years old and doesn’t heal as fast as younger men. But on another note, the Saints defense is a big part in their success without it they can’t play their offense well, which hurts them.  


When Brees returned it went uphill from there. Their defense was doing great and then they had all the ability to win with secondary weapons. Everyone thought that when Brees got hurt, the Saints had no chance of winning, but they did exceptionally well without him and very good when he came back.