My Fun Trip to the West Coast

Lily Scott, Writer/Editor

Back in January, I’m pretty sure I had the best time of my life! I was able to take my first plane to the fabulous Las Vegas, woo hoo!! My reason for going, is my uncle turned 50, and he and his family live in Nevada.

He is the drummer for an Australian singing group called Human Nature, and I’ve never heard better live singing in my life. They play in the Venetian hotel, and what a place that is! I felt luxurious walking through the fabulous art and breathtaking chandeliers. 

I wanted to sing O’ Solo Mio every time we walked through the indoor gondola rides and of course, the color-changing ceiling that looked like the night sky. For a minute there, I actually felt like I was in Italy.

I mean it really was a treat being able to see my cousins! I miss them so much right now. I guess it’s better then when they lived in Australia. So at least it’s a little closer! When we got in the Venetian, my younger brother and I surprised them from behind! It was one of my favorite moments from the trip. 

We were there for 5 days, and saw the show the first night we got there. After the show, we had the best pizza probably in the world. It was in the Venetian, and the pizza was wood-fired and crispy. The next morning I woke with excitement, wondering what we would do.

It was Saturday, and after we left our hotel, we went down the road about 10 minutes to my cousins house. After deciding what to do and throwing around ideas, it was decided we should see the famous Las Vegas strip!

I know what your thinking…it is no place for younger people, but actually during the day it’s pretty cool. Now, Saturday was my favorite day spent there because we toured Caesar’s Palace, the Bellagio, and the Mirage.

I couldn’t describe how many colors I saw! I’d have to say, the Bellagio was my favorite hotel, only for the purpose of a huge blown glass sculpture designed to look like flowers. I could live in that hotel…seriously. 

Caesar’s Palace was also wonderful because I want to be an Artist and get this, there were 4 art galleries in there.. 4!! I had probably died and gone to heaven.

Sunday was a cool day because we got tickets to see the Blue Man Group, performing in the Luxor hotel. That was a fun show complete with flying colors, and laughter everywhere. After the show we walked around Mandalay Bay, and saw some more art.

Monday came around and it was time to take everybody to Arizona to see the Hoover Dam. Yes it was fun and all, but personally I enjoyed seeing all of the exquisite hotels and such. Tuesday was our last official day in Vegas, and we got to do something like the Las Vegas locals do… we went to a buffet! I mean, you can’t go to Vegas and not eat a buffet, am I right?

We ate at the Mirage, and I must say, the food was good, but just not as good as In-n-Out Burger. Let me just say that was an experience in itself! Yes some people on the West coast feel it’s overrated, but believe me, I’d take a plane just to get a #2 with a frosty chocolate shake.Let’s be honest, we need one or two, or twenty here in Florida! Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my stay in Nevada! So much I’ve never seen and done before!

As someone who wants to be an artist and/or writer in a few years, it was really cool to get the experience from everything from the airplane ride, to the Elvis impersonators on the strip! I took so many pictures and ever since January, i’ve been journaling and pasting pictures, I can happily say my book is now full after 10 long months!!

My parents were even thinking of going back up next year! Next time, I’m bringing my sketchbooks because I couldn’t even describe much! I mean hey, once you get past the cigarette smell and the casinos, its pretty fantabulous! {though, that is a dream for everyone 21 and older} Move over Disney World, I have a new favorite place.. whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!