There is a petition to have November 1st off from Pasco students!

Traya Bence, Editor

There Is a Petition Going Around From Pasco County Students, To Have November 1st off

There is a new petition going around in Pasco schools to have November 1st off and the students are persistent. The student Aidan Smith started the petition towards the Pasco County School Board and in his statement he claimed “Kids should not have to go to school after Halloween as it would be incredibly dangerous to do so, due to the multiple adults that are hungover”. The petition has already got some attention, it has already collected over 5,000 signatures. Many students are eager to have school canceled, they’re now starting to post the petition on their social medias. The school board has responded claiming that if they cancel school on Friday there will be a day taken off Thanksgiving break. As a student I agree that students should have the day after Halloween off, because isn’t Halloween a holiday too?