Man in Maryland stabbed after cutting in line at Popeyes for a chicken sandwich

Raven Haengel, Photographer, Writer

In Prince George County, Maryland, 28 year old Kevin Davis was found stabbed to death at a local Popeyes, after witnesses and police figured the reasoning for the stabbing was Davis was cutting in line to get the famous Popeyes chicken sandwich. Police Chief of Prince George County Sheriff’s Department Hank Stawinski told Fox News reporters that Davis entered the restaurant and started cutting the line to possibly get a certain menu item, he is later confronted by another man about why he’s cutting the line and get’s into a brief argument that later escalates to a homicide. Police look through surveillance to possibly identify the suspect and the woman he was with. Davis was sent to the hospital for his wounds and was later pronounced dead. After the incident, the suspect and the woman he was seen with, were running into the parking lot after the stabbing. Police were thankfully able to obtain the knife used in the stabbing to possibly get some DNA samples. Police have released photos of the possible suspect and the woman of interest in to get some evidence of who did what in the stabbing.