Playboi Carti: A Musical Analysis on America’s Favorite Meme Rapper.

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

Jordan Terrell Carter, otherly known as American rap phenom Playboi Carti, was born on September 13th, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently signed onto ASAP Mob’s AWGE label and sides with Interscope Records.

The song that blew him up, Broke Boi, is still up and you can still listen to it. It’s a song.. to say the least.

His first mixtape, Playboi Carti (self-titled) released on April, 14th, 2017 to mixed reviews. The album was very interesting, as the songs Wokeuplikethis* (featuring Lil Uzi Vert) and Magnolia (which increased the Milly Rock’s popularity) blew up, and Location and Dothat****! got increasing popular as time passed on. It also included a hit in New Choppa with NYC rapper A$AP Rocky. The album was a nice start, but we did NOT expect the next album to be as it was.

Die Lit released May 11th, 2018, to widely mixed reviews. The album had so many hits, including Top (featuring Pierre Bourne) Choppa Won’t Miss (featuring Young Thug) Mileage (featuring Chief Keef) Love Hurts (featuring Travis Scott) and the best song on the album, Shoota (which also features Lil Uzi Vert)

Now Playboi Carti is known for releasing interesting songs, with his signature baby voice and whiny vocals. The hugest instance of this, a song the internet knows as “Kid Cudi/P**** Pamper” blew up over the summer. If you haven’t heard it somewhere, its everywhere. You can find it on TikTok or on Soundcloud, where there is hundreds upon hundreds versions of the leaked song.

Many Carti fans are very excited for his next album, Whole Lotta Red*, which was been anticipated for a very long time.

The energy Carti brings into his flows and style is “unmatched” by some critics. He has a very high energy level and it shows in his songs. Thats why many fans are excited for his upcoming album, because of his vocals and his energy level which is insane.

Overall, Carti has been considered Mumble Rap, but his music isnt that. It IS that. Mumble. But strangely, that is what the fans expect, hard hitting beats that have no vocal meaning.