The Environmental Ocean Clean Up Club

Alyssa Hernandez, Writer

                                          Environmental Ocean Clean Up Club 

A new club is coming to Gulf High. Two girls started it up, Alexis Robbins and Ivori Nickell, with Mr. Madeloni as their sponsor of the club. It’s called the Environmental Ocean Clean Up Club (EOC). The whole idea and point of the club is to go out to beaches and parks and clean up, but not stopping there. The club plans to research and look for more and more ways to help with red tide. One of the founders, Alexis, said the website has helped them in their research. The club is being approved now, and meetings are every other Monday. The next meeting will be on the Monday the 18th. As soon as the club gets approved Alexis and Ivori are already getting ready to talk about and go more into detail about what beaches and parks the club will be helping, and the fundraisers that will be going on to support of the club. 

Alyssa Hernandez