Gulf High School Band Marches On!

Kaitlyn Marsh, Writer

In the Gulf High School band there are eighty-two students who have committed and put their heart and soul into this show. They have been working on their show “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” from last week in July to the first week in November. These band students have been practicing every Tuesday, Thursday and sometime Fridays for multiple hours in the Florida heat. Speaking of heat, let’s talk about some other things these kids had to go through this season. As we all know Florida likes to start raining out of nowhere which doesn’t help the band since they can’t get on the football field or practice field. Not only that, but the lack of football games or people not showing up doesn’t help them either. The 2019-2020 football season was cancelled, which affected the band since they would no longer have an opportunity to practice in front of crowds.They did get invited by the principal of Gulf middle school (Amy Riddle) to perform for the middle school game. The band performed also performed their show at their biggest competition in marching season. The Marching Band and Color Guard performed there show at their MPA (Music Performance Assessment) where they received straight excellent in multiple categories. We are very proud of the Gulf High School Band and Color guard, wishing them the best of luck for concert season and winter guard. We can’t wait to see what in store for next year marching season.