Two Studies Show Vaping Hinders Heart Health, Perhaps Even More Than Cigarettes

Peyton Feldman, Writer

Two studies conducted by the American Heart Association proved that vaping can be detrimental to overall heart health. In the first study researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) got four groups of adults together, people who smoked E-cigarettes, regular cigarettes, both, and nonsmokers. The researchers compared the four groups cholesterol levels. None of the participants included in the study had heart disease and were practically healthy.

The first study concluded that people who vaped had a higher levels of harmful LDL cholesterol than nonsmokers and  levels of healthy HDL cholesterol were lowest among the group of people who smoked cigarettes and e-cigs.

The second analysis examined how the hearts ability to pump blood during exercise and at rest was affected by nonsmokers, people who used e-cigarettes, and regular cigarettes. The experiment contained 19 smokers and a few nonsmokers and their blood flow was tested on a type of ultrasound called myocardial contrast echocardiogram. Usually your heart rate increases while exercising and drops at rest, this was seen with the nonsmokers. However the people who smoked regular cigarettes heart rate was reduced during exercise but it soon returned to normal during rest. The results of the study for people that used e-cigarettes were shocking, their heart rates were relatively lower during exercise and at rest.

Image result for myocardial contrast echocardiography of a healthy person

The picture above shows a healthy and unhealthy heart taken from a Myocardial contrast Echocardiogram.

These two studies prove that vaping has a negative affect on blood flow, maybe even more so than traditional cigarettes. This is bewildering because Juul’s and other vaping products are marketed to people as healthier alternative to cigarettes. We aren’t even fully aware of what vaping is capable of yet future studies will show us ways it harms other parts of our bodies and long term affects. Who knows what it can do to us.