Should Gulf High Put Soap In The Bathrooms?

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

You probably read the title and said to yourself:

What in the world? Why don’t they have soap?

And that is pretty much what our students believe as well. We need soap to clean our hands and other things. Here is three great reasons why Gulf High should have soap.

One, our students need soap to clean their hands. I mean it is absolutely ridiculous that we have no soap in our student restrooms, as the school is maybe saving a couple hundred dollars a year by not paying for soap. When you dap another person up, just imagine you touching someone’s hand when they just used the restroom. It is utterly disgusting and not sanitary. If we are spreading germs then our school will never be fully rid of sickness and people will continue to get sick.

Two, the teachers half the time DO NOT have soap in THEIR bathrooms either. They must purchase soap with their hard earned money that they have earned from dealing with us students. It doesn’t matter as if the school doesn’t have money, because everyone knows that they aren’t broke, but instead just do not know how to properly spend their money each year. This year they decided to renovate their TENNIS COURTS and track. Now the Track I can agree with, considering it was junk. But how many people we got playing Tennis? Shoutout to all the tennis people, but they can play on the outside basketball courts. We could make it a whole new multi-sport area instead of just a basketball court. Everything: tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc. Not a whole new court! Not to mention that they DEMOLISHED the entire first tennis court because it was ruined and REBUILT a whole another second one! That is ridiculous! The school spent over at least 3 thousand dollars paving the tennis court, and while I understand that a renovation was needed, it is way less prioritized than soap in our teacher and student bathrooms. It is literally so cheap to purchase soap, and it would only cost around $4.99/gallon of hand soap, per It is a gallon! We have 180 days of school, and if we multiply 180 times five that equates to $900. You are telling me, building reps, that we cannot spend $900 per year on soap? Come on…

My last reason is because it is very gross and our school is being infected by germs. Nobody wants the unwanted bacteria around our campus and it is very nasty. Many students have protested about it, including myself, one of the editors and writers of our school newspaper. I believe that if our school gets soap then our school would be a much more happy place, and absences will be cut because so many people wouldn’t be getting viruses because our school would be much cleaner. Now that would help our school money-wise to, and we could be a much more cleaner and germ-free campus. I really hope that we can get soap in our bathrooms and we can get our hands clean, for once, and for all!

Another reason our students do not have soap is because the students break the soap OPEN and use entirely too much! We really need to stop wasting the soap and need to slow down on the soap. Do not waste the privilege of soap. I personally do not mind the countless drawings on the walls and stalls, but please do not mess the privilege of soap. It is very unsanitary for students to not have soap to clean their hands with. If we could just stop misusing the soap, then we would have it daily instead of people ruining our chance to have clean hands. It is just nasty thinking about it.

In conclusion, our students will have access to clean hand soap, will be able to perform their daps/handshakes without any bacteria being spread, the teachers will have clean hands while teaching students, which is also a violation to not have soap for a public worker, and our school will be a much more, cleaner location for everyone, students, teachers, staff, and even Mr. Morgenstein!


Ahem, after the research I had already previously done, I found more sufficient evidence!

8. Deodorizers shall not be used in toilet rooms. Air deodorizers are not to be confused with disinfectants.

(b) Handwashing Facilities

1. Handwashing facilities shall be located within or adjoining each toilet room.


Via the Florida Health School Sanitation document, see Chapter 64E-13

Please Gulf, people need clean hands and clean places to learn. Let’s do it! And for the people who ruin the opportunity, stop being immature, it is high school, and all of us, including YOU, need soap. Thank you.