What is KIND?

Briana Sprowl, Writer

KIND stands for:
Kids in need of Defense

KIND was founded be Angelina Jolie, Microsoft Corporation, and UNHCR special Envory to start a pro Bono movement of law firms, corporation, nongovernmental organizations, universities, and volunteers to provide quality and compassionate legal counsel to unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children in the United States of America. KIND strives to ensure that no such appears In immigration Court without representation. KIND helps people achieve high-quality legal representation and by advancing the child’s best interests, safety, and well-being.

KIND has many offices in ten cities in the United States Baltimore, Boston, Houston, Newark, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seattle. KIND pro Bono coordinates in each office provide training on representing unaccompanied children in the U.S. immigration system and comprehensive mentorship until the case is completed.

KIND has partnerships with over 531 Law Firms, corporate legal departments, law schools, and bar associations has served more than 26,000 children since 2019.

KIND Mission
Ensuring 10 no child appears in immigration Court without high quality legal representation,advancing laws, policies, and practices. I’m sure that children’s protection will increase as time goes on, but this is good for now!