Evansville STUNS #1 Kentucky 67-64

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

The Evansville, Indiana Purple Aces have defeated the #1 team in the country, the Kentucky Wildcats, by a score of 67-64. This was considered the biggest upset of all time, as Kentucky was known to be the favorite to win the title.

Fun fact: Evansville is my hometown.

Evansville was carried by two players who put up half of their points, #33 KJ Riley (18pts/4rebs/1ast) and Sam Cunliffe (17pts/6rebs/0asts) The team performed and had fun while doing it. They were in a groove the entire game and won it due to them just overall being better. They played excellent defense and put themselves in position to get fouled so they could get more points.

Another fun fact: Evansville’s head coach was a player for the 1996 Kentucky National Champs teams. He beat his former team.

Kentucky, on the other hand, was OK. Immaunel Quickley (16pts/9rebs/1asts) and Tyerse Maxey (15pts/3rebs/0asts) did not do terrible, but the next closest scorer to those two were Nate Sestina (9pts/5rebs/0asts). The team did not come prepared and the biggest upset possibly ever, occured.