Instagram Tries to Boost Teens Mental Health by Using Hidden Likes

Peyton Feldman, Writer

Popularity and success is measured on social media by the amount of likes you get. Instagram has decided that likes make the social media platform toxic. Over the past 6 months Instagram has tested hidden likes in different countries; Canada was the first country likes disappeared in, then it spread to Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States as of November 10th 2019. This test should spread worldwide over time.

How does this work you might be asking. Well let me start with likes aren’t removed all together, everyone is able to like photos still but, only the person who posted something can see the amount of likes their post gets. When you look at somebody else’s post you’ll see that a certain account liked it “and others”.

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This test received positive feedback at first, but hidden likes can create challenges for social media influencers who make a living online. A Facebook spokesperson (Facebook owns Instagram) told CNN Business “we are thinking through ways for creators to communicate value to their (online influencers) partners”. The reason Instagram decided to hide likes in the first place was to make people more confident in their post not to hurt online creators. If Instagram resolves this small issue hidden likes could possibly make the social platform more diverse due to less posts will be deleted because they don’t have enough likes. Hidden likes will also eliminate the need for fake accounts to spam photos with likes. Overall this update is really beneficial and most likely will be one of the first big steps for Instagram to help its users mental health.