BART General Manager Apologizes To Man Handcuffed After Eating Sandwich On Subway Platform But Man Doesn’t Accept Apology And Is Considering Legal Action

November 11th, 2019 31 year old Steve Foster was detained for eating a sandwich on the San Francisco BART station. The officer who detained him was D. McCormick and he claimed he approached Foster telling him it was illegal to eat on the platform and is gonna be cited. In the video that Foster’s girlfriend took of the altercation, it shows the officer grabbing Foster’s backpack and telling him he’s gonna go to jail. As the altercation continued, Foster was seen getting more visibly upset and later 3 other cops arrived, handcuffed him, and escorted him off the platform. In another video Foster’s girlfriend posted, shows the officer claiming the reasoning of Foster’s detainment was because he got a complaint about someone being a disturbance on the platform but he also claimed it was because “He was right in front of me.” Foster later published the video onto Facebook and the video has gotten over 2.7 million views. In response to the video, other train riders protested with a “eat-in” by eating their lunch on the platform. The BART General Manager Bob Powers, said in a statement that “I’m disappointed how the situation unfolded. I apologize to Mr. Foster, our riders, employees, and the public who have had an emotional reaction to the video,”. It was also said in the statement that the officer warned him about eating on the platform. But Foster didn’t accept the apology and is considering legal action on the BART police for racial profiling. The lawsuit was later announced by Foster’s attorney John Burris at 2pm after incident that happened November 4 at 8 am. John Burris said in a statement “Law enforcement in that BART patrons routinely eat sandwiches and other food on the platform and BART trains without any law enforcement intervention, chastisements or other admonishments by police,” he also said that BART police typically do not enforce the “no eating” rule. The video is to be under investigation by an independent police auditor of the BART police.