Fresno shooting kills 4

julie franklin , writer

   At least the third mass shooting in California this month, took place in Fresno this past week. The tragedy occurred around 6 p.m. this past Sunday, as a family and their close friends sat in their backyard enjoying a football game.  Unknown suspects snuck into the backyard and opened fire on this innocent get-together, leaving three dead upon the attack, and a fourth victim who died after being rushed to the hospital. In total there were ten victims of the terrible attack, six of which are expected to survive. The recovering victims are all reportedly stable and out of critical condition.  

     The victims were, strangely enough, all Asian males. Ages ranged from 25-35. Children, and wives also attended this gathering and witnesses say it is a miracle that out of the 35 guests watching the football game, no children were injured. The police department has stated that there is no indication that the victims knew the shooter or shooters. And no one is currently in custody as of now for this fatal event.  

     The police went door to door searching for surveillance videos on houses and businesses in the neighborhood, that could possibly lead to figuring out who infiltrated this heinous crime.  The city’s airport is only a half mile away from the sight of the shooting. Agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives are still investigating this attack.