What To Plan For When It Comes To Your Future

Madison Orcholski, Writer

Freshman and Sophomores!

Freshman and Sophomore year are typically the time high school students tend to mess around and not care as much about the future or what it may bring. They want to live in the moment. However, as you grow up, you realize it’s difficult to try and live in the now 24/7, so here are some tips to help you plan for the future to make it a little bit easier. 

It’s never too early to get an idea of what you want to do; but once you’ve decided on something you’d like to do, it’s a good idea to do what you can to choose the next few years of classes around that career path and what will help it the most. For example, if you’re thinking about a military route, NJROTC might be something you want to look into. You can speak to your grade guidance counselor about that, or even CDR John McGuire, the NJROTC instructor. Or if you may be considering a medical path, Frances Costa, the Health Career Academy Science teacher,  or your guidance counselor would be the way to go.

Being a freshman or sophomore, preparing for college is likely not on your mind right now, nor is it your top priority, quite honestly that is to be expected of you. However, even though college might not be what you’re focusing on, how you are doing in high school itself should be a big priority. You probably hear it a lot, “focus in school”, “Do your homework!”. I’m sure you are plenty annoyed with it by now, but it is all true. It’s very important, especially in the first and second year that you at least pass all of your classes with C’s or above. This will set you up for your junior year, senior year, and getting into a good college. If you do the work in the first few years, when it’s easier, you won’t have to work as hard in your last years. Plus! If you create good study habits in the first few years, they will carry on with you through the rest of highschool, college, and even into your adult life. 

Work Hard.

I promise you, it will pay off. You might feel like it’s not worth it. Or like you can’t do it. But you can. Put some music on, then put the phone down. Turn the TV off. Pull out your work. All of it, sort it out by classes. Do the work. It might be hard, it might be confusing or frustrating, but keep pushing through. Keep working hard. You got this. Here at gulf, we all believe in you.