How To Prepare Yourself For A Job

Madison Orcholski, Writer

Applying For A Job:

Living in the day and age that we do, almost everything is only. This includes job applications! Before applying for jobs online, make sure you don’t have any bugs on your computer; bugs will make it extremely difficult to access the proper application site. Also, make sure that you are on the actual site of the job you are about to fill out. Sometimes you may open a site that has you fill out all of your personal information that sends you jobs openings that you don’t meet the requirements, or that aren’t even real! For example, if you’re filling out an application for McDonald’s, double check that you are actually on the McDonalds website. 


What To Know About Working:

Taking it back to the day and age we live in…technology. Technology consumes our lives. People are sucked into their screens, disconnected from the real world and from real people in front of them. Kids these days are also extremely disobedient. They have this sense of entitlement, that they can do whatever they want, when they want, and no one can stop them; and when someone tries to stop them, or take disciplinary actions, all hell breaks loose. At work however, this cannot happen. You must have self discipline over your actions, over your phone, and over your interactions with customers and/or clients. 

Controlling your actions:

This includes, how you choose to act with co-workers, how much effort you choose to put into your job, whether or not you arrive on time, if you stay a little bit later to help other people close up, the quality of work you put in. All of these factors will vary on whether or not you get things like work benefits, possible promotions, and simply being allowed to keep your job in general.

Controlling phone use: 

Phones are one of the most distracting things no matter where you are. Whether you’re out with friends and family, driving, at school, or at work. You would think that people would have the common sense to not be on their phones while at work, but for teenagers, especially when it’s their first job, seem to lack this common sense. Constantly being on your phone at work is one of the quickest ways to get fired, or extremely low hours. The best thing to do if you can’t handle it being in your back pocket, is to leave it in your car or turn it off or on silent.


Interactions with Customers:

Some customers simply do not care. They will be down right rude and possibly try to verbally and/or physically assault you. Obviously this is not okay and needs to be reported to your boss, the authorities, and possibly handled in self defense. But interactions like that are pretty rare. So here are some tips on how to deal with customers, both kind and rude ones. No matter how rude, or load, or aggressive the customers get, just smile and kill them with kindness. If a customer is mistaken about something they are saying, don’t bluntly tell them they are wrong, this will just aggravate them more, either pull up the facts to help defend yourself and the company, or show them the evidence that they are mistaken, and 9/10 times they will apologize for being wrong, and move on with their days. NEVER! Raise your voice at a customer, even if they are dead wrong and being extremely rude, this will just escalate the issue and possibly get you fired, if you are having issues or conflict with a customer, consult your boss or manager, and let them handle it.