Man Charged With Murdering His Sister After She Unfriended Him on Facebook

On December 2nd 2019. In Anchorage, Alaska, 27 year old Moses Tony Crowe has been charged with second degree murder of his 23 year old sister Amanda Rose Owen after police responded to two 911 calls by Owens uncle and another by Crowe’s grandmother. The uncle claimed to have “heard a pop” while cooking a Thanksgiving meal, where he later found Owens shot and “unconscious but breathing”. The grandmother said she witnessed the shooting, and claimed she was talking to Owen, while her 1 year old son was in her lap, Crowe later came into the room upset about Owen’s decision to unfriend or block him on Facebook. The grandmother claimed that Crowe pulled out a gun from his pocket and claimed he “manipulated” the object, like the motion of racking the slide of a semiautomatic pistol, she also claimed Crowe pointed the gun at Owen’s head and shot the gun. The grandmother also claimed that Crowe stayed up late drinking the night before. Crowe allegedly said after he shot the gun he claimed that he was “gonna go to jail for life” and that he didn’t want her to call the police because he “didn’t mean it”. Crowe later left his Anchorage residence, where police issued a K9 search of the area to find Crowe. He was later apprehended by patrol officers and a SWAT team, where he was transported to Anchorage Correctional Complex. The District Court Judge Leslie Dickson allegedly set Crowe’s bail to $500,000 cash with third party supervision and Pretrial Enforcement Division supervision with alcohol testing. He currently remains in jail.






Man Shoots And Kills His Sister For Unfriending Him On Facebook