‘Cat-Fox’ found on Mediterranean island could be new species

Lily Scott, Writer/Editor

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On the Mediterranean island of Corsica, a rare wild animal hunts the balmy nights. The locals of the island identify it as the ghjattu volpe, or the cat-fox.

Over the past decade, scientists have been on the trail of this fascinating creature, and now a whole team working with the national hunting and wildlife office {ONCFS}, revealed they think the animal might just be a completely new species. The cat-fox, its special name from its color and markings, makes it a dense-furred russet-colored wild cat, with black striped paws and a black tail.

Crazy, but they are considered larger than domestic cats, measuring up to 90cm from head to tail, with wide ears, short whiskers and huge canine teeth. It has a very thick coat to protect itself from fleas and ticks. It closely resembles the African forest cat, Felis silvestris lybica, but its true identity is to be determined.

The animal lives in Corsica where there is water and plant cover offering protection against its main predator, the golden eagle. I don’t know what this creature really is, but it truly is an interesting animal.

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