Scary-realistic Frog replicas replacing real ones?

Lily Scott, Writer/Editor

 With this new model, students won’t be as disgusted, and frog species won’t be dying off. Introducing the SynFrog, a hyper-realistic synthetic frog that can completely  replace actual frog dissections.

Approximately 3 million frogs are killed annually for science lessons. That is why SynDaver-the world’s best manufacturer of hyper-realistic, synthetic human and animal surgical trainers, partnered with PETA, for an all new, interesting creation.  From Good News Network.  The SynFrog is free of formaldehyde and formalin and contains removable and anatomically correct organs that shadow the real  living tissue. So not only is it saving frogs from science dissections, it is also basically non-toxic!  

The little creations are kind of pricey at $150 apiece, but I believe it is better than the actual dead frog!

Source: Good News Network