A Total of 510,000 Marijuana Vape Cartridges Is Seen To Be Seized In Two Years

On December 4th, 2019 authorities have seized over 510,000 marijuana vape cartridges and arrested over 120 people in the last two years. There have been numerous stake outs all over America, an example is a stake out in New York at a Manhattan storage facility as the DEA-managed task force saw three men unload boxes from a truck, they seized the truck and searched it to find a storage unit filled with 24,000 THC vapes and 230 pounds of marijuana. The men involved pleaded guilty for felony possession of marijuana and sentenced three years probation. The states with legal or illegal marijuana markets, drug investigators, highway patrol, and local police departments have trained better for searching a different form of marijuana that either comes in small packages, doesn’t smell like marijuana, looks like a legal nicotine vape, or whether its legal or illegal in certain states that allow marijuana use. The marijuana vape market has an estimate of at least 2.5 billion dollars this year, which is equivalent to the market of legal marijuana cartridges. The recent lung disease outbreak related to vaping has reported 2,200 have fallen ill and at least 47 people have died in the last nine months. Health officials have said that a vitamin E acetate is a “very strong culprit” and have also urged people to not buy black market products containing THC because reports of people using these products have gotten sick after using them.