LSU and Clemson Playoff Game

Amanda palazzolo, Author and Writer

January 22, 2020

LSU winning the national championship, 42-25 on Monday night against Clemson. LSU now completing one of their most impressive seasons in college football history. The win for LSU was a fitting finale for Heisman Trophy winner ...

Why the Bruins are the Dirtiest Team in the League

Kirsten Schneider, Writer, Editor

January 21, 2020

Out of all 31 teams in the NHL, the Bruins are considered to be the dirtiest. Majority of hockey fans actually bond over their hatred for the Bruins. Bruins fans call it jealousy, but is it really? Here’s how the Bruins have risen t...

Lightning on a Roll with 8-game Winning Streak?

Kirsten Schneider, Writer, Editor

January 10, 2020

The Tampa Bay Lightning have made quite a comeback! The Lightning have accomplished a 8-game winning streak, and are playing like they did in the 2018-2019 season.  This season, the Lightning had been in quite a slump. They were losing to ba...

The New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings Wildcard Game!

Amanda Palazzolo, Author and Writer

January 10, 2020

The Minnesota Vikings take the win from the Saints by a touchdown: 26-20. The Saints’ biggest issue was in the third down, they only converted 4 of 11 attempts and Minnesota’s quarterback with his targets and play-callers that the Saints wo...

2020 Olympics including soccer

Madison Morrow, Soccer Writer and Editor

December 17, 2019

They will begin on Wednesday, July 22 and end on Saturday August 8th. There will be 16 mens team and 12 women's the host country is Japan. You can watch it on NBC Sports.

Ravens Beat the 49ers with a Finishing Kick

Amanda Palazzolo, Writer and Editor

December 10, 2019

Quarterback Lamar Jackson converted two short yardage runs on Baltimore’s winning drive, but then Justin Tucker kicked a 49-yard field goal as time expires. The Raven’s went into overtime, the San Francisco 49ers mitigation...

Short-Handed Patriots fall to Houston Texans 28-22

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

December 2, 2019

The New England Patriots have defeated the Houston Texans 28-22 on Sunday Night Football. The Patriots were absolutely short-handed and a lot of their players were injured.  But anyways, let's get into it. The Houston Texans...

Alex Morgan plans to play in the olympics after giving birth?

Madison Morrow, Soccer Writer/Editor

December 2, 2019

USNWT star Alex Morgan announces she's expecting a baby girl. World Cup winner Alex Morgan believes she can be fit enough for when the Games begin in Tokyo on July 24,  the soccer tournament is  to start two days earlier. "I...

Gulf High School Girls Soccer Schedule

Madison Morrow, Soccer Writer/Editor

November 18, 2019