No Masks At Stores

October 2, 2020

Some people work from home because they need to, or they just don’t feel safe working out of their home. My aunt is a teacher and she hated working at home. She wanted to go back to school but she was not able to. My cousin's...

Bathroom Passes

Madison Houck, Writer

September 18, 2020

  The reason students need a bathroom pass is because school staff need to know where and when you were out the room and what time you went. I personally don’t like it because when girls need to go to the bathroom (when...

The NBA All-Star Weekend. (Ft. All-Star Game, 3 Point Contest, Dunk Contest, Skills Contest and Rising Stars Game)

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

February 19, 2020

The NBA All-Star game events was this past weekend and it sure did not disappoint. Many fans said that the All-Star game was one of the best they have ever seen. It all came down to the final free throw for Team Lebron to win...

Why the Lightning Deserve a Stanley Cup the Most

Kirsten Schneider, Writer, Editor

February 19, 2020

If you didn’t know, the Tampa Bay Lightning have only one Stanley Cup, and it’s from 2004. Shocking? It might be to you, as it’s shocking to me as an avid hockey watcher. I’ve been a Lightning fan since I was a kid, I even r...

Does the Illuminati Control the Music Industry?

Kirsten Schneider, Writer, Editor

February 19, 2020

  Since 1776, thousands of people across the world have been asking the same question I am asking today; does the Illuminati control the music industry? I personally do believe they are with the evidence given. This topic is v...

Rainbows and Roses

Reed Washington

February 13, 2020

With Valentine’s fast approaching and us lonely saps wondering why we celebrate a holiday that’s only purpose is to force people into the social convention of treating the person you are in a relationship with like you ca...

Why Not? A Rebuttal

Reed Wahington

February 6, 2020

How to Spot the Signs of Human Sex Trafficking

Peyton Feldman, Writer

February 6, 2020

Peyton Feldman  Mrs. Seltzer  Journalism 1  31 Jan 2020           Homeland Security defines human trafficking as the “use of force, fraud, or coercion to   obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act”. Since Florida has been a hotspot for human  trafficking for several years, I...

Students Should Hand in Their Work on Time

Shaney Guadalupe

February 6, 2020

The end of the school year, students shouldn’t wait to do make up work, it can lead to more stress and it’s time consuming. That’s why is better to do your work when it’s given to you in the beginning of your school year...

The Importance of Highschool in your Life

Kirsten Schneider, Writer, Editor

February 4, 2020

Every teenager wakes up on a weekday and all think the same thing: “ugh, I hate school. I don’t want to go.” I can say I've had those thoughts, millions of times. Some teenagers don’t want to go to school because of too muc...

Why Some People Get Good Grades: And Why Others Don’t (12-15 min read)

Anant Bhattacharya

February 2, 2020

When people think of grades at Gulf, they're reminded of that infamous My Student portal that systematically, records, stores, and categorized students’ grades, academic scores, and disciplinary records. This system, as many people tend to ...

Music Review: Eminem’s “Music To Be Murdered By”

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

January 23, 2020

On Friday, January 17th, 2020, smash hit Eminem released another surprise album. Everyone did not know he was gonna release another album, due to the rap mainstay being a whopping 47 years old, but he is still picking off the...

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