Mysterious Car Fires Across The United States

Mackenzie VanSickle, Journalist

September 25, 2020

   In Maryland, Nebraska, Michigan, and Florida firefighters have been recently getting a lot of calls about car fires.  Bodies have been found inside of these cars. Police have not stated if they are connected.   ...

Innocent Woman Shot and KIlled in Her Home On September 13th

Mackenzie VanSickle

September 18, 2020

  Kyle Beavors ,17, Shot and Killed an innocent woman in her home on September 13th. Sheriff Chris Nocco Believes This Was a Targeted Act On Irene Loop of Trouble Creek Rd. Police officers were called at 1:30am on ...

American Hero

Reed Wahington

January 18, 2020

      In a time when politics becomes increasingly polarized by the second, and there are 24 hour news cycles dedicated to running coverage of the presidential election, it isn’t difficult to see political action in...

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